Friday, October 9, 2015

Weekly Reflection 6

This week we learned the skills of motivation, inspire, influence, empower, and appreciation. I incorporated those skills into my project by having the influence of my teacher Mrs. Mojeiko to get our work done and not get off task. She empowers us to do the best we possibly can so we get a good grade. I appreciate having a teacher that checks in on kids and cares about how they are doing. We met our goal form last week by putting survey info to our research part of the website. What I learned in the process is that most people have the same idea of skills that Blake and I do. Our goal for next week is to complete our presentation so we can present the last week of the quarter. We will achieve it by putting all of our info from the website into something that we can present. How we will know if we achieved it is if we get a good grade or not and also how complete the project is.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Weekly Reflection 5

I learned the skills of feedback/criticism and flexibility/adaptability. I used criticism from Mrs. Mojeiko this week when she checked on our projects. I used adaptability last week in my project a lot because I missed school 2 days for golf so I had to find time to get work done. We made a survey and did some more research this week to back up our info. Our goals for next week are to collect data from our survey and to incorporate that into our project.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Weekly Reflection 4

This week we learned about the skills of work ethic and teamwork. Blake and I worked as a team this week because we set better and more achievable goals and we did some research and made a survey. We used work ethic to achieve the goals we set for the week. We achieved finishing our website for the most part. We also fixed our goals after finding out they weren't strong and also changed one. Our goal for next week is to make a survey to get results, and make sure we have other good research to back us up.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Weekly Reflection3

This week we learned about the skills of conflict management and presentation skills. I learned that conflict management is how well people can handle bad situations and if they can resolve it. Presentation skills are what people present and how they do it. You can't be good at everything so you have to work hard in some presenting areas. This week Blake and I researched and found 3 skills that big companies think leaders need. We also made our 4 main project goals. Next week our goal is to pretty much finish our website so we can just work on extra stuff the following weeks.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Weekly Relection 1

This week, we learned about the skills of communication and attitude. I learned that to be a good team leader, you have to communicate. You also have to be positive with your teammates, you can't let people get down on each other or no one will like each other. My partner Blake and I didn't really get what we wanted done. It has been hard for us to think of what to do because we want it to work the whole quarter and not get shot down because its weak. We have an outline done but we're not sure if it'll work. My goal for us is to get an approved thing, then get into the project.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Weekly Reflection 2

Our main goal for this week was to get our project approved. We accomplished that and got advice on how to make it good and work. My goal for next week is to talk my golf coach and get three leadership skills she wants in a team captain/leader. We are going to work a lot by ourselves but combine work for the final project. This week we didn't learn any of the skills because we had no school on Monday.